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Live streaming games and apps

24 Apr, 18 Uncategorized,

The question is, do we need another live trivia app. In the last year, we have seen these popping  up on a regular basis. And there are many apps which are well made and offer a good opportunity for players to make some pocket money everyday.

 The trend started with HQ trivia which went viral and continues to be one of the leading live trivia game apps in the US.

The game format is very simple – correctly answer a series of questions (usually 10-12) and win a share of the pool prize for that day. For an incorrect answer most games offer a lifeline. And the next incorrect answer means that you are knocked out of the game. So typically each question is a knockout. Questions are usually simple which leads to several winners and the wining pool being shared amongst several players. The winnings are usually paid out via digital wallet like PayPal, Paytm etc.

 So while there are quite a few players in the Indian market like :

Among others

 The popular trivia games on the international scene include :

Brainbaazi and Loco are the currently the most popular trivia games in India. Each of the games usually attract about half a million players on a daily basis, and their payouts start at Rs 100,000 per game.

This format of game lends itself to interesting possibilities and can be extended to various requirements and applications including :

  1. Social trivia games
  2. Corporate  & business games
  3. School based games
  4. Live quiz for tutorials.

This format lends itself to endless possibilities for wherever you need a live game with it without a live quiz master / compere.

For corporates and businesses there are several ways in which this could help them to enhance the business functioning :

  1. Live quiz to test sales force on product knowledge.
  2. Live quiz trivia games for improving social interaction as well as motivation.
  3. Closed group interactive conferences
  4. Live product rollout to a closed audience or extended audience. Segmentation could be done based on requirements.
  5. On demand Video conferences  – from anywhere.
  6. Skills training / orientation to a distributed group.
  7. Virtual meets for sales / distributor channels.

The possibilities are endless today when you have good quality networks at relatively low costs &  Great live streaming APIs. When these are combined with realtime databases and applications, you can virtually stitch together any requirement that require people to come together and communicate in realtime.