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Long experience of working with startups and enterprise customers across industries allows us to quickly assimilate user specific requirements and translate those into technology deliverables meshed with an outstanding user experience.

The agile development process with continuous feedback works best for mobile application development.

Radikal Labs lets you choose whether you like to build your apps as native or hybrid. With indepth experience in both streams we educate the customer and let them choose what’s best for them.

Work with us to enjoy world class App Development.

Native App Development

Native development means writing an application using the programming language and APIs exposed by the mobile operating system of a specific device.In the case of the iOS, the code is written in Objective-C or Swift and uses the APIs for the iOS operating system that Apple provides.

Native application development ensures the highest fidelity on the mobile device.Exposure of low level APIs ensures that the developer can take full advantage of every feature and service that has been exposed – both in terms of hardware and software.

iPhone app development

IOS – iPhone, iPad and iPod

We build native apps for the iOS operating system using the Xcode IDE, with the option of coding in Objective-C or Swift.

Our dedicated team of iOS developers have been working on creating the best possible user experiences for iOS using Storyboard, app extensions, native debugger, test flight et al.

We continue to expand our iOS capabilities creating apps for iWatch, iBeacons, homekit and iOS supported gadgets.

Our apps conform to the Human interface Guidelines stipulated by apple, ensuring minimal rejections.

android application development

Android Apps

Android apps are developed using the Android Studio IDE and coded using Android Java.

Android native application development allows a lot more leeway than iOS. But, being highly fractured in terms of device offerings, resolutions and APIs makes it a difficult platform to deploy for. It needs a lot more testing and QA to ensure that the product meets the specifications across a range of devices, resolutions etc.

Our Android development spans Gingerbread through to Nougat.

Windows Application Development


Windows development is done on Visual Studio using C++, although other programing options include Visual Basic and Visual C#.

The incidence of Windows phones remains low in the mass consumer market, but has a reasonably good demand among the mid and large size enterprise customers.

Our .Net developers are fully trained to develop best in class apps for the Windows Mobile platform.

Hybrid Application Development

Native implementations of mobile apps are completely non-portable making it time and cost inefficient for large, multiple platforms apps. Hybrid apps work well for where time-to-market & constant updates are critical to success. Hybrid mobile app development is a blend of native development and web development.

Hybrid apps are written using industry standard web programming languages and techniques such as HTML5 and JavaScript, allowing portability for it to be used across a number of different platforms.These apps are packaged and distributed using native methods on the app stores. Several hybrid development frameworks are available including Ionic, Titanium, React and AppMaker. We would suggest the best platform for your app.

Internet of Things


Internet of Things is a reality. IOT allows you to virtually connect to from and any person or device. Connecting Billions of devices, objects and people using an unique id and an internet connection. Giving you the ability to :

Next level of remote monitoring & treatment for healthcare.

Monitoring of people and tasks.

Monitoring and automation of peripherals.

Track consumer behavior.

Enhancing in-store shopping experiences.

Automating household activities.

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