Beyond Marketing

Apps competing for mind share need a strong marketing plan for reaching out to the right customers. Our deep understanding of market pulse and understanding of data analytics helps us provide deep insights to validate and improve on current business models.

App marketing Strategy


App marketing success is not limited to choosing the right app name, app designing and creating a website for it. App marketing means that and a lot more.

An app meets success only with a deep and sustained marketing plan.


Organic user acquisition is probably the most cost efficient marketing plan. Without proper planning and support the process can take up a lot of time.

We provide targeted support to help boost organic growth through social media, App store optimization, Site setup and search engine optimization, video promos and more. Our Ad campaigns work in conjunction with organic tools to help boost user acquisition. Structured ad campaigns across ad networks help to significantly boost download rates.

App analytics & Retargeting

App Analytics and Re-targeting

App analytics is critical to sustain existing app users and reactivate idle users

Acquisition source, in-app interaction are analyzed to understand behavior metrics, which helps to update the product and its features. We work on multiple analytics platforms to ensure that each app owner get to monitor a full picture of their apps' performance.

Our pursuit on analytics focuses on:

Segment - To understand who uses your app.

Consistency -To gauge your loyal customers.

Performance - See what’s affecting the app performance.

We believe in:

Good data To actionable insights. Insights To Decisions. Decisions To Action.

Ask Query

Think Ahead

Asking the right questions helps find the right answers from the large chunk of data. Including and modifying with the right features will help you maximize your customer base with new acquisitions and re-engaging old ones.

Link your revenue to your Data

We concentrate on increasing engagement and monetization as they are directly linked to your revenue. We decide on your KPIs along with your strategy to get deep insights.

Mobile App Testing

Optimise Your App Through A/B Testing

Our A/B testing strategies runs UI elements' trials in your app in real time. Experiments are done only to improve your business.


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