The core of any software project hinges on the quality of its development. We love the challenges and rigor of development. Custom backends, APIs, Native coding, Hybrid apps, Games, CMS or ecommerce systems. We have it all covered.

Mobile API development

Cloud /DB/API

At Radikal Labs we provide consultation and development services for DB, Mobile API & Web Integration. Our commitment to build great apps hinges on our focus on developing efficient backend and middleware.

Radikal Labs has an extensive experience with APIs across domains to help various businesses with :

Custom DB and API development.

Ad networks like Admob, Chartboost, Facebook ads, Adcolony, etc.

Online SaaS applications.

Social media API such as Twitter, Facebook, Google +

Google APIs including Maps, Analytics, YouTube, Docs& Search.

SMS, Payment gateway & shipping API integration.

iOS application development

iOS app development is native to us.

We cut our teeth in the mobile sphere developing mobile apps for the iOS in mid 2009 – before most even thought about app development. We have literally developed hundreds of iPhone & iPad apps covering almost every category on the App store creating value for our customers. Working with both Swift and ObjectiveC, we are very familiar with the ins and outs of Xcode.

Android development

Android App Development

Having great resources in Java, we took to Android development like a fish to water.

Android devices with its large numbers offers great opportunities, but device and OS fragmentation make it a challenge to work with. Our Android developers are among the finest and have successfully developed various apps for Enterprise and startups with equal finesse and ability.

Html5 App development / Hybrid

Radikal Labs has been developing apps using Hybrid Development tools like Phonegap, Cardova, Ionic and Titanium. Radikal Labs has invested in this to provide customers options to choose from.

Hybrid apps are preferred by many enterprises, as the development time can be significantly reduced when developing across platforms offering time and cost advantages. Hybrid apps use web based open standards so its future success and longevity is assured. Html5 based apps work seamlessly with JS frameworks to extend its functionality. Being supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung ensures success.

3D Game development

Game Development

A successful game needs a great development team that loves games.

Radikal Labs provides end to end game development solutions covering front end, middleware and server for phones, tablets and desktops. Depending on the requirements, we use industry standard tools like Unity3D, AIR or Unreal.

Radikal Labs develops games for various genres that can be deployed for iOS, Android & Windows Mobile platforms bringing together many different skills and years of experience in various game development platforms and genres.

Web Development

Web Development

Radikal Labs provides web app development with mobile first policy.

Node.js along with Angular offers a lightweight and efficient SPA environment that easily lends itself to mobile responsive deployment.

Our custom web application solutions are built using .NET or PHP frameworks including CakePHP, CodeIgnitor or Laravel.

API driven custom web app development process ensures that your project is always ready for deployment on any platform.

We develop CMS sites using Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress. We build ecommerce solutions using Magento, Woocommerce, Opencart or customized solutions.

Efficient server side development with Node.js using robust and conventional frameworks such as Express.js, Sails.js and with SQL or NoSQL DB


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