Radikal Labs understands Startup requirements. We offer significant strategic and software consulting support gained over years of experience working with new ventures. Using this knowledge, Radikal Labs is able to provide a seamless consulting layer that empowers the startup with a significant head start in the marketplace. Their needs are quite different from those of established business organizations. While some startup companies need support in strategizing, others may require the full suite of services.

From nurturing an idea to creating and shaping it uniquely, we assist new businesses right from the initial stage through the entire life-cycle. We work closely with clients to understand their requirements better – strategize and devise solutions tailored to meet their unique requirements. Helping them to attain a clear vision for their product/service to ensure a successful start. Together with its experience across different categories of mobile, web and game technologies, Radikal Labs offers a 360 degree support to startups, helping them to quickly establish their credibility in the market.

Some of the verticals / categories that we have worked with startups include :

Retail – Business – Education – Lifestyle and community – Social media – Gaming – Medical – Finance – Utility – Productivity

Responsive Web Design


Radikal Labs works with Enterprises to power their mobility and IT initiatives. With significant experience in enterprise application development across different verticals, we are able to translate this into robust applications. Be it greenfield projects or integrating with existing middleware or DB systems. Our experience and range of skills enable us to use the most appropriate toolsets suitable for the job.

We have offered mobility solutions to enterprises in functional areas including :

Customer relationship management Billing and payment processing system Audit Productivity Sales Force Automation

Radikal labs uses leading edge technologies to ensure that enterprise apps meet the stringent performance and reliability parameters.

Depending upon various clients’ requirements, we are able to work with both traditional and agile development methods. Confidentiality and data security is of paramount importance to us. We assure our clients of this by signing binding Non Disclosure Agreements as well as putting in place the latest technology and techniques needed to ensure that the clients’ data is secured.

Our industry experience several Industry verticals including :

Retail – Automotive – Training & Education – Healthcare – Finance – Metals & Minerals – Transport


Agencies and IT firms often depend on partners like us to bridge the skills or resource gap required to implement projects for their clients.

Radikal Labs is a reliable partner for agencies looking to outsource their mobile, web and game projects. We gel with agencies that believe in our dedication and capability to support them and their clients. We are flexible in our terms of engagement and are able to look at each project or engagement, individually and structure terms that are specific to client and project needs.

Over the years, we have emerged as a trusted partner for various agency clients. For us it is important that we maintain complete transparency in our engagement with the agencies, so that workflow and security concerns are addressed and maintained. While our skills and vast experience form the backbone of our success, our sense of commitment is what makes us a valuable partner for our agency clients.


Radikal Labs offers various engagement models that suit most outsourcing requirements. Based on specific requirements, we suggest one or more of our engagement models.

Our engagement models include : Time & Material, fixed price contracts or dedicated hire.

For large projects, which can have interaction through the project life cycle, the T&M model is most suited. We provide resources/teams required to fulfill these requirements.

For projects that are well defined, the fixed priced project model is a better choice. In this the client is able to establish with some certainty the effort and costs associated with the project and plan accordingly.

Dedicated hire works well for clients who need to quickly want to ramp up, but do not want to deal with the headache of hiring, HR etc. This gives them flexibility to get the right resource when the want and for as long as they need.


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