Radikal Labs provides you with the best available staffing solutions. Our seasoned in-house coders, designers and digital marketers provide you with commitment, efficiency, well-controlled outputs.

We offer effective costs and flexibility of freelance and outsourced project support.

Our extensive remote staffing support for all your Mobile, Digital, Web and Marketing Initiatives.

  1. Add expertise, skills and wide variety of domain knowledge to your business
  2. Hire Seasoned, Dedicated and Quality-Driven Remote Staff
  3. Spend Less and Gain More

Mobile App Developers - To develop, test and deploy mobile apps across all mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Hire us for your Android App & iOS Development Project - Our dedicated iOS & Android development team takes care of monthly contracts. Payment involves timesheet records.

Mobile App Testers

We test and analyze quality issues of apps across multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Windows etc. Our application testers extensively perform manual testing to ensure effective deployment. They are highly skilled individuals performing Web Application, Mobile Application and Multimedia Testing (Audio, Video and Graphics).

There are a wide variety of techniques used by our testers. Their high-end visual knowledge makes them come up with errors and bugs way too easily.

Test Cases are written and followed up with Project Managers and Developers. Bugs and errors found in functionalities and interfaces are fixed and shared with the QA team members. We take pride in our aesthetic development, staging and QA phases of testing. Hire us for your Extended Testing Support.

Web Developers

Our dedicated in-house developers take up projects on Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, jQuery, HTML 5, PHP, Python, Magento, Cake PHP, JavaScript and Angular JS.

We provide our clients with dedicated developers who take care of monthly assignments.


We are proud to have a power packed team of ace graphic designers who bring out the best in technical skills and are veterans in Photoshop, Corel, Illustrator, CSS, HTML, Angular JS frameworks and AJAX technologies. Our designers are not just colorists but they have in-depth knowledge in web and mobile technologies which make them smoothly coordinate with our development team.

Digital Marketers

We have a team of SEO, SMM, PPC, ORM, ASO Specialist and content developers who build brands and strategize marketing techniques for our in-house website and client requirements.

Mobile Game Developer

We develop Android, iOS, desktop and online games. Our game developers deeply understand high-end gaming needs, user preferences and numerous game environments. We have highly skilled 2D & 3D Game developers. We create games for iPhone, iPads and Android devices.

Choose any of the engagement structures that suit your business requirements

Full Time

8 hours per day 24 days a month 192 hours per month

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Part Time

4 hours per day 24 days a month 96 hours per month

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Hourly Support

Hire us for a few hours Get hourly special rates
from our end

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2. What type of Benefits in Managed Dedicated Hiring?

We are an ace mobile, game and web development centre and we take pride in our specialists who serve our clients and allow them to remain focused on their business objectives. Our smart teams deliver extended technical support.

Our clients benefit from our flexibility of hiring and lost costs. Using our services make our clients enjoy privacy, reliability and well established consultancy.

3. Benefits of Dedicated Staff Over Freelancer

Cut short your risk taking by choosing our full-time employees. All our staffs are highly skilled and well-trained in their respective domains. We provide you with the assurance of getting what you paid for. Engage with our staffs directly and take control of your business processes.

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