Simplicity remains the essence of our design philosophy. Our designs have to follow certain key elements in every aspect. They need to be simple, appealing and intuitive.

app design


At Radikal Labs, we put design at the heart of each development. Our deep experience in UI/UX has helped to create enriching and engaging app experiences. We look at each app with its specific requirements and create unique design solutions to match.


The job of creating the interface starts with a deep understanding of the application requirement. Along with extensive competitor analysis, Radikal Labs ensures that the UX team has a thorough understanding of requirements as well as the current user landscape.

Based on this UI/ UX is developed :

UI/ UX concept pages are ideated.

Setting up application flow, navigations & layouts.

Usability prototypes using finalized UI.

Continuous feedback & iteration loop.


The game design process is an intense process, which needs deep insight game play and usability. At Radikal Labs, game design starts at the stage of creating the game design document. Visual references and art styles are discussed and shortlisted.

Game artists, illustrators and animators work on the creating the game assets - environments, characters and objects as required for the game. Usability being as important as UI, we create usability demos that are shared with the target group.

web application development company


Mobile first is the philosophy we carry through while designing for the web. Design and the development aspects are closely linked to create an aesthetic and easy to use web application.

Designing web apps for a multitude of device platforms and resolutions can be a challenge. Each platform needs to be carefully considered to do justice to each of them.


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