Strategic planning is essential to ensure that the project goals are well defined to meet the strategic objectives envisaged by the stake holders.

In the context of application development the plan should cover the essential implementation aspects of viability, technology, resources, etc for growth, support and risk factors to provide 360 degree road map for your project.

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If you need your big idea converted into a winning app, you need to have an outstanding plan. Our strategy team works closely with clients to understand, analyze, deconstruct and come up with a plan that understands the app landscape and that ensures success in the competitive & demanding app market.

Analyze : Understand client’s requirement / concept.

Survey : Study the segment, audience and competitive space.

Deconstruct : Understand what works and what doesn’t. Look at gaps in the competitive landscape. Future proof the plan to take care of future threats and opportunities.

Define : Put down what is agreed upon which is the blueprint for the app going forward.

We offer free strategy plans to help you convert your great ideas to awesome apps.


At Radikal Labs, we spend a great deal of time strategizing with clients on their game concepts. Being a pioneering Game Design & Development Company in India; we analyze, discuss, iterate and help to create the game design document, ensuring an amazing gaming experience as a final product.

The process of distilling the Concepts in Game Development is essential to the final success of the game. Flexibility and openness to new ideas, contributions and suggestions from all quarters are given its due importance during the Game Design stages.

Our Strategy Team Will Ensure That You Will :

Will review, validate and refine your ideas.

Develop a detailed document based on an agreed plan.

Review revenue targets and build monetization strategies based around them.

Our strategy team ensures that the web development plan is defined in terms of the stated business objectives. The plan is defined in terms of audience, desired user experience, success criteria, development and deployment strategies.

Mobile first –

The paradigm of website has changed since the advent of the smartphone. Since web apps are no longer restricted to desktop browsers, planning for mobile browsers is integral to any website development plan. Planning for the pantheon of devices, browsers and OS is critical to the success of the site.


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