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21 Sep, 16
Twitter Loses 140 Character Limit

Twitter announced Monday it was easing it 140-character limit on tweets, in the latest effort to broaden the a

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15 Sep, 16
Mobile Application Testing: Why is It Important?

The number and variety of consumer and enterprise mobile applications has grown exponentially over the last fe

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14 Sep, 16
Website and Mobile App Testing – An Overview

Testing is the most important part of website development. In order to make a website fully functional without

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10 Sep, 16
Key Challenges for Mobile Application Testing

Mobile Application Testing is much more complex compare to desktop or web apps testing. Check here how applica

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8 Sep, 16
iPhone7 Roundup – Apple Removes Support for the Headphone Jack from the iPhone7

Much ado about nothing! There is a lot being said about with many conspiracy theories as to why apple chose

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7 Sep, 16
6 Tips for Designing Beautiful Mobile Apps

These days mobile app is essential for any successful business.  It is very important to build an eye-catchin

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